Lynn Nash • abstract artist

Paintings mark the evolution 

of my life

in flux

Some things stay the same

Internal conversations

speak in paint

on canvas

Abstract images surround us in everyday life, as long as we take the time to pay attention to detail. It helps me as an artist to look at connectedness in all things, seeing what is there, what might be, or what used to be. I enjoy finding new ways of seeing.

Abstract painting is what I'm drawn to. For a time, I only admired it from a distance, but now it's what I feel I'm meant to do. It has become increasingly difficult to go back to painting representationally, although from time to time more representational work emerges.

In a painting, I react to what is on the canvas, letting it evolve. This is the natural state of the world, of the universe. It seems natural and comfortable to let this happen in a painting. I do actively participate in this discovery, shaping, scraping, layering, and then at some point, letting go. 

The history of mark making and emotions reveals itself in the layers and nuance. What is left on the surface is no accident, it's the history of an internal journey. The process becomes the painting. The hard part is knowing when to stop.


1977: UNC-Wilmington, BA Psychology

Selected Workshops:
Audrey Phillips/Krista Harris/Charlotte Foust/Martica Griffin
Steven and Katherine Aimone
Jane Filer
Mark Daniel Nelson
Catherine C. Martin
Nancy Hillis
Peggi Kroll-Roberts
Anthony Ulinski
John Poon

2006: 2-Person Show, Perquimans Arts Council
2008: 2-Person Show, 
Bertie County Arts Council
2008: Solo Show, UUCOB
2009: Solo Show, Arts of the Albemarle
2013: 2-Person Show, Arts of the Albemarle
2016: 2-Person Show, Arts of the Albemarle

2018: Solo Show, Chowan Arts Council

2019: CAC Supporter's Show

2019: Pocosin Arts, Solo Show

2000: Eastern NC Scholarship, Penland School
2006: Janet L. Shaeffer Award, Lynchburg Arts Festival
2008: 1st Place, Landmark Competition
2009: Best in Show, Mollie Fearing Memorial Show
2011: Residency, Vermont Studio Center 
2012: Inspiration Art, Design House room, AOA

2019: 1st Place CAC Supporter's Show

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