Lynn Nash • abstract artist




Since the world I grew up in did not actively encourage art careers, I majored in Psychology. But without a doubt, the seed for me to create was there since early childhood, waiting to germinate. By the fourth decade of my life, I knew had to create art. And so I decided to step into the artist role that was waiting for me to say yes. 

As a child I embraced art lessons from local teachers. I took art classes in college. After my kids were older, I began taking art classes at the local community college. With kids in school, plus other responsibilities, there was not much time to practice, so I painted more often or less often, as my life circumstances changed. 


Once my kids were grown, I became serious about my art and took workshops from a number of different artists, some of the best. I did a couple of residencies and artist retreats. This was a time of growth and expansion of my work. I continue to challenge myself with online workshops during the pandemic.  




Most of my work is abstract and non-representational. Sometimes recognizable images appear. Working with line, mark, colors, and many layers, including glazes, and sometimes collage, leads me in a direction that is always unknown, but looking for surprises that excite. Staying in “play mode” as long as possible helps. I enjoy using a larger canvas, which gives me more space and freedom to experiment. Excavating is as important as the painting and mark making. I am interested in the evolution of a painting, and the unique history of marks on the canvas.

I find this way of painting similar to a natural horsemanship way of communicating with horses: learning the nonverbal ways communicating. 

Sometimes a work is finished before I realize it, and some paintings die of overwork, but as Pollack said, "I try to get out of the way." 




2006: 2-Person Show, Perquimans Arts Council
2008: 2-Person Show, 
Bertie County Arts Council
2008: Solo Show, UUCOB
2009: Solo Show, Arts of the Albemarle
2013: 2-Person Show, Arts of the Albemarle
2016: 2-Person Show, Arts of the Albemarle

2018: Solo Show, Chowan Arts Council

2019: CAC Supporter's Show

2019: Pocosin Arts, Solo Show


2000: Eastern NC Scholarship, Penland School
2006: Janet L. Shaeffer Award, Lynchburg Arts Festival
2008: 1st Place, Landmark Competition
2009: Best in Show, Mollie Fearing Memorial Show
2011: Residency, Vermont Studio Center 
2012: Inspiration Art, Design House room, AOA

2019: 1st Place CAC Supporter's Show


1977: UNC-Wilmington, BA Psychology

Selected Workshops:
Audrey Phillips/Krista Harris/

Charlotte Foust/Martica Griffin
Steven/Katherine Aimone
Jane Filer
Mark Daniel Nelson
Catherine C. Martin
Nancy Hillis
Peggi Kroll-Roberts
Anthony Ulinski
John Poon